About the statement

Author | Tony Payne (Publishing Director, Matthias Media)

At Matthias Media and The Briefing, we've often been asked about our ‘doctrinal basis’. Up to this point, we have been happy to point people to a 10-point statement on our website. It's a standard and widely used statement derived from the InterVarsity Fellowship. It's also now used by the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students and numerous other fine organizations.

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The statement

In Scripture, God teaches us that true life is to be found only in the knowledge of the true and living God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He also warns us that the times we live in will be marked by doctrinal error and godless living. We therefore commit ourselves to proclaim and contend for the following teachings of the Bible, being convinced that these truths express not only the liberating faith once for all delivered to the saints, but the points at which that faith is under threat at the present time.

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Changes to the statement

Around 30 separate changes were made to the original draft of the statement.

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